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ourWorld launches in Super Beta

Posted on: April 9, 2008

ourWorld is a new gaming social-network service developed by FlowPlay that was just born into the wild online waters of casual gaming & social-networking. The new website blends a rich and vibrant online world, casual gaming and creative self-expression, designed to promote collaboration and cooperation in a guided online environment.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 7, 2008 — ourWorldTM, a new breed of online entertainment, was launched today in public beta, released by the team at FlowPlay. ourWorld brings immersive online entertainment to life, blending a vibrant online world, casual gaming, social media and creative self-expression. Unlike traditional virtual worlds, ourWorld provides a guided experience, with a series of collaborative missions and an emphasis on cooperation that rewards users for working and playing together. Incorporating the most popular forms of online entertainment including dozens of popular casual games, chat, shopping, watching videos and creating content, ourWorld appeals to all audiences, from hip hop heads to rockers, romantics, fantasy fans, casual gamers and more.

ourWorld has created proprietary technology that enables the community to build completely customized online personalities, providing thousands of options for physical appearance, clothing items, accessories and animations. Using the world’s virtual energy — FlowTM — players can power machines that award prizes of clothing items and other accessories to further personalize their experience. Further, the world is entirely Flash-based, making it easily accessible for all consumers, and eliminating the need for complicated downloads or installations.

Give it a try and sign-up at


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